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By Jackson Sichali

The newly-constructed Zolozolo Health Centre in Mzuzu is expected to save thousands of locals from untimely deaths, local authorities have said.

Residents in Zolozolo who have for so long been failing to access adequate medical attention can now breathe a sigh of relief as a health facility is now in their midst.

Construction of the hospital has been funded by the Mzuzu City Council and Press Trust following different complaints done by the residents.


According to Mzuzu City Council, Chief Executive Officer Dr Macloud Kadammanja , the construction of the health centre follows a proposal made by the City Council to Press Trust to upgrade the then under-five clinic to a full health facility.

“The City Council was concerned that people from Zolozolo were moving a long distance to access medical services and that is why we had to contact Press Trust for the assistance. Today we can say our goal has been achieved.” said Kadammanja.

He said the initiative follows a proposal by the City Council to Press Trust to help upgrade the under-five clinic to a fully-fledged health facility to enable easy access to health care among Zolozolo residents and people from the surrounding areas.

Commenting on the establishment of the health facility, Senior Block Leader for Zolozolo, Japhet Mkandawire said the facility will greatly improve the health welfare of people in the area which is facing many health problems including poor sanitation and malaria.

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