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By Raymond Midaye

Da Truth.jpg

Da Truth: Set to perform in Mzuzu.

Renowned American gospel artist, DA T.R.U.T.H, is set to perform a number of shows across Malawi.

The 39-year old rapper who comes three years after his last visit to Malawi, will first perform in Mzuzu on Friday 12 May 2017.

The show will be graced by performances of Lilly Million from South Africa, and local artists; Faith Mussa and David Kalilani. However a number of artists from Mzuzu have bemoaned the seclusion of northern region gospel artists from the supporting artists list.

Cumulus, a gospel artist from the northern region, says it could have been better if the show comprised supporting artists from all the three regions.

“There was a need to feature artists from the northern region especially those from Mzuzu because the turn-up would be high. Featuring artists from Mzuzu would entice their fans to attend the show.” Said Cumulus.

Sharing the same thoughts as Cumulus’ is another artiste, Abigail Phiri. She thinks the exclusion of northern region artists as supporting artists may affect the audience.

“Mzuzu is a small city. Unlike Lilongwe and Blantyre the massive turn-up for shows in Mzuzu depends highly on the performing artist. For example, you will always find Maria-Nundwe-shows loaded with fans mainly because she has a huge fan base in Mzuzu. With the omission of Mzuzu-based artists, I think the numbers will be low at the show.” Phiri said.

While some are not pleased with the arrangement of the show, others are contented with the idea of witnessing a live performance by a famous American gospel artist.

Janet Phiri (not real name) from Chibanja residential areas says with or without northern region artists many people will go to the show. According to Phiri, spreading and receiving the gospel is what matters, the rest is of little importance.

“I think it is no big deal for the northern region artists to be omitted. With the few selected ones, by the end of the day the gospel will be spread and received. Thats what matters.” Said Phiri.

Would you miss the Da Truth show just because some artists are conspicuously missing on the supporting artists list?  Get yourself a ticket. Tickets are available for just K1000 at Mzuzu Cofeee den, One Stop pharmacy at Mzuzu Shoprite and Word Alive Mzuzu Church in New Katoto.

Having previously performed in Malawi a few years ago, the Death of Silence rapper has a new mission this time around. The artist has not only come to perform but he will also organize workshops in the three cities with an aim is to uncover the role of music in the ministry. After Mzuzu he is set to perform in Lilongwe on Saturday 13 May 2017, then on Blantyre on Sunday May 14 2017.




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