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By Norah Phiri

Tikwere, a radio program is part of an effort to improve the teaching and learning conditions in early  classes in Malawi primary schools. In addition to that it also supports  and reinforces  the introduction of the new Primary Curriculum and Assessment Reform(PCAR).


Image Source: International Development Division

However this program has created room for some teachers to be lazy. Chisangano Primary school in Encongolweni in Mzimba district is one of the school that is experiencing this kind of behavior.

Speaking in an interview, one of the teachers at the school, Sarah Nyambose, said it is true that some teachers are taking advantage of Tikwere program by not fully giving out their best when it comes to teaching.

“Sometimes teachers don’t teach and sometimes they just open the radio to the students without explain anything to them”, she said.

Nyambose continued to say this is becoming much of the problem because at this school, there already is inadequate teachers to cover all the classes properly.

“We only have seven teachers at this school and this means one teacher is supposed to teach all subjects and we still have a shortage of one teacher and it’s the headmaster who takes up the remaining class .If it happens that one of the teacher is sick or busy that means one class might not learn that day.” Said Nyambose.

Meanwhile while some primary school are taking advantages of this program, some schools are rejoicing and are benefiting with the help of Tikwere.

Mathews Kachigamba, a teacher at Chitheka primary school says they are privileged with the help of Tikwere because it makes work easier and it helps the pupils to learn the exact thing with other schools at the same time.

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