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By Blessings Kaunda

A Head teacher, and Chairperson of Kambulaudzu Primary School are being accused of misplacing about two million kwacha meant for school development. The school has no quality student blocks, toilets, and teachers’ houses.

The school is in Kabuwa zone among five other schools. Kambulaudzu receives a lot of money from the District Education Manager, compared to other schools in the zone to improve learning and teaching rooms, teachers’ houses, and to employ assistant teachers just. Since 2013 the school has received more than two million kwacha but no noticeable development has taken place.

The deputy Head teacher of the school explained that the school has no toilets and teachers’ houses are in bad condition. He accused the Headteacher of planning everything in the absence of staff members.

“Since the development started the head teacher has not held a meeting to discuss how much the government has pumped at our school and how we should allocate the money. Up to now classrooms have no floor and some learners learn in teachers houses. Only sixty thousand kwacha has been released to buy stationary. ” said Banda.

It could be time that Kambulaudzu Primary School breathed another life if they used the money in a proper way. To his part the Headteacher denied the accusations but failed to further comment on the matter.


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