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A 35 year-old woman and her children are leaving in pathetic life following last year’s heavy rains that collapsed many houses, leaving some dead in Mzuzu.

House of Mnkhondya

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The woman, Agness Mnkhondya, whose part of the house collapsed due to the heavy rains resides in Hilltop residential area, has trouble walking because a wall fell on her legs and left her severely injured .

According to, Mnkhondya, a mother of three, she is failing to look after her family properly as she cannot walk properly as she used to and running her small scale business to support her family is now a challenge.

“We were in sleep last year in April when part of my house collapsed and the wall of my bed room I used to sleep in fell over my legs. I was rushed to Mzuzu hospital by well-wishers where I spent three months. Currently I can barely walk and working is hard for me.” said Mnkhondya.

Instead her first child, Dalitso (not real name), assumes the responsibility taking care of the family by selling tomatoes and vegetables, after school, a thing which forces Dalitso to missing most classes.

As a standard 8 pupil, Dalitso feels like with the responsibility she is underking now, she might not fully get prepared to pass the forth coming Primary School Leaving Examinations.

“I always get to school late because I have to make sure house chore has been properly done. At school it becomes difficult to concentrate because of the situation at home,I always think about my mother and how we are going to sustain ourselves financially.” Said Dalitso.

However, despite being treated as an outpatient, Mnkhondya complains that she did not recover enough as she feels general pains of her body.

While the house she is leaving in is visibly not in good condition, Mnkhondya is not married such that she has no one else, apart from her children, to offer her help.

Hilltop is one of the residential areas in Mzuzu that was hit by massive floods in the previous year. The residents seems to have not taken seriously the City Council’s advice of relocating to higher ground residential areas as the residents are still there, waiting for another hard-hitting floods perhaps!


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