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No electricity at Dwasulu CDSS


The day the project had started brought joy to many. Many thought of how the new development will positively change things around. Dwasulu Community Day Secondary School has had no electricity since its official opening more than two decades ago. Situated in the North of Nkhotakota in Senior Group Village Head Kamkondo under Traditional Authority Kanyenda, it is the only secondary school without electricity in the area.

Then came the electricity wiring project; a development that would leave the school with argon and fluorescent lights. Five years of wiring have elapsed now, but the school is yet to get connected to the main supplier, Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (ESCOM).

The delay according to Parent Teacher Association Chairperson of the school, MacDonald Chitanje, is due to failure by the District Council to provide them with a power transformer.

Chitanje also confirmed that although a former Member of Parliament (MP) for Nkhotakota North where the school is also located Henry Chimunthu Banda paid for the transformer and other necessities to the council, nothing concrete has been done.

“ESCOM surveyors told us that we should have our own transformer in 2011. We addressed the issue to our then Member of Parliament (MP) Henry Chimunthu Banda and he covered the expenses through District Council but up today nothing has happened.”  Said Chitanje.

He also added that he has been following up the issue and has been visiting the council for more than three times but things still remain incapacitated.

Deputy Headteacher of the school, Zex Banda, concurred with Chitanje that Nkhotakota District Office is in custody of documents showing that Dwasulu CDSS had paid the electricity application fees but at the District Council the documents are conspicuously missing.

Joseph Chibwana, a retired teacher at Dwasulu CDSS since 2011 is bitter with the delays by authorities among others he cites some opportunities lost.

Through telephone interviews Chibwana said: “A certain potential Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) promised to supply the school with computers if and only if electricity gets connected at the school. The school has lost a big opportunity.”

The current MP for the constituency, Frank Mphande has not yet commented on the matter as his mobile phone has been out of reach for several times.

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