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By Wellngton Mtengula (citizen journalist)

Chibavi Primary School in Mzuzu will soon be using biogas, new technology for cooking porridge for learners at the school. The technology has been implemented with support from The Centre for Community Organization Development (CCOD) and Mzuzu University through the Department of Energy and Renewable Technology.

According to Chrispin Gogoda who is one of the lecturers at Mzuzu University, the technology has the mechanism of producing methane gas which is combustible and generated from human waste hence used for cooking.

“This technology comes in to reduce over dependent of fuel wood which most people are using for cooking porridges for learners in primary schools,” said Gogoda.

Gogoda added that the department also first did a survey on how they can include issues of environment considering if the system can have some effects on human life. To his remark, biogas technology is environmental friendly and in the long run helps to balance the ecosystem.

Commenting on the matter, the headteacher of the school, Ethel Kaluwa said the project which started in 2016 will assist to reduce the overreliance on firewood and charcoal, a thing which leads to proliferating human behavior of irresponsible cutting down of tress.

“We run short of source of heat energy most of the time because we depend on firewood. We have been forcing pupils to bring firewood since we don’t have any choice. The coming of this biogas will not only help us for cooking but also reduce the cutting down of trees.” said Kauwa.

The biogas project in primary schools which started last year is funded by The UN Habitat through CCOD and is expected to be completed by March this year. In Mzuzu a number of schools like Chiputula, Ipiana, are among the beneficiaries of the project.

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