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Yearly Archives: 2017

Digital Camera

Digital Camera

By Type Mbewe

Dorcas Women from Mzuzu Seventh-Day Adventist Church donated assorted items to Mzuzu Central Hospital on Sunday.

The donation which included maize flour, soap, sugar, and other food items, has been donated to the tuberculosis and surgical wards for men, women and children to help reduce some problems that many patients are facing.

Speaking in an interview, Mzuzu SDA Church Women Leader, Jane Jere, said the women decided to go on with the donation out of love to assist some patients who do not have enough resources to support themselves.

“We thought it wise to come here to share what we have with our friends who are sick. We believe as part of the church we have a role to play in the society in caring for the need and sick. This is part of the mission which Jesus left us to do here on earth. Many of the recipients of the donation luck a number of things and we thought it wise to go ahead with our gesture.” Jere said.

One of the beneficiaries from the children ward, Nailesi Zulu, who is a guardian, said the donation will help her to eradicate some of the problems she is facing at the hospital.

“Am so grateful for providing me with necessities. This will help me to properly take care of my children whilst waiting to be discharged. I feel relieved.” Zulu said.

In appreciating the kind gesture of the women, Principle Nursing Officer for Mzuzu Central Hospital Loveness Nyirenda thanked the Mzuzu SDA Church for taking part in helping the sick.

“Nowadays to find someone who can share things with others it’s a special blessing. For this reason on behave of Mzuzu Central Hospital, am so grateful for what these Dorcas Women have done. Many have been helped with the donation.” Nyirenda said.

Mzuzu Central Hospital is one of the hospitals that accommodate more patients in Northern Region. A significant number of these patients come from far areas to access medical help.

By Jackson Sichali

The newly-constructed Zolozolo Health Centre in Mzuzu is expected to save thousands of locals from untimely deaths, local authorities have said.

Residents in Zolozolo who have for so long been failing to access adequate medical attention can now breathe a sigh of relief as a health facility is now in their midst.

Construction of the hospital has been funded by the Mzuzu City Council and Press Trust following different complaints done by the residents.


According to Mzuzu City Council, Chief Executive Officer Dr Macloud Kadammanja , the construction of the health centre follows a proposal made by the City Council to Press Trust to upgrade the then under-five clinic to a full health facility.

“The City Council was concerned that people from Zolozolo were moving a long distance to access medical services and that is why we had to contact Press Trust for the assistance. Today we can say our goal has been achieved.” said Kadammanja.

He said the initiative follows a proposal by the City Council to Press Trust to help upgrade the under-five clinic to a fully-fledged health facility to enable easy access to health care among Zolozolo residents and people from the surrounding areas.

Commenting on the establishment of the health facility, Senior Block Leader for Zolozolo, Japhet Mkandawire said the facility will greatly improve the health welfare of people in the area which is facing many health problems including poor sanitation and malaria.

Apart from application letters, you can also apply using the Registration Form from this link…….|


By Constance Pindikani

Timusopenge Care and Share Foundation has donated various assorted items to the needy people living in and around Lupaso residential area in Mzuzu.

Speaking at the organization’s premises on Friday, where the donation was made, Martha Msowoya, who is the founder of the organisation says she wants to help vulnerable people in the society in so many ways.

“Helping people is my mission, and I wish to urge well-wishers to help me in reaching out to more people, because I can hardly manage on my own. But whatever the case I will be helping these people in so many ways for the goodness of our society.” said Msowoya.

She however repudiated claims made by many people that those who help others want monetary benefits in return. According to her, helping others is free will and she does not expect anything in return.

Sharing the same thoughts as Msowoya’s is Samuel Kalinda who is an Agricultural Extension Development Officer. According to Kalinda, he would like to partner with her organization in order to improve the nutrition status of those vulnerable.

“I dream of forming a partnership with Timusopenge Care and Share foundation. This will help in improving the diet of those vulnerable people in our society.” Said Kalinda.

Wainga Singini, Village Headman for Lupaso hailed Msowoya for her endless effort in eradicating problems in the society. He further appealed to all well-wishers to work hand in hand with Msowoya to improve the well-being of people.

Timusopenge Care and Share Foundation is a non-profit organization. Based in Mzuzu’s Lupaso residential area, it has also a Community Based Child Care, a women empowerment organisation, among other things. The donation comprised soap, juice, food, clothes, plus many other things.


By Raymond Midaye

Da Truth.jpg

Da Truth: Set to perform in Mzuzu.

Renowned American gospel artist, DA T.R.U.T.H, is set to perform a number of shows across Malawi.

The 39-year old rapper who comes three years after his last visit to Malawi, will first perform in Mzuzu on Friday 12 May 2017.

The show will be graced by performances of Lilly Million from South Africa, and local artists; Faith Mussa and David Kalilani. However a number of artists from Mzuzu have bemoaned the seclusion of northern region gospel artists from the supporting artists list.

Cumulus, a gospel artist from the northern region, says it could have been better if the show comprised supporting artists from all the three regions.

“There was a need to feature artists from the northern region especially those from Mzuzu because the turn-up would be high. Featuring artists from Mzuzu would entice their fans to attend the show.” Said Cumulus.

Sharing the same thoughts as Cumulus’ is another artiste, Abigail Phiri. She thinks the exclusion of northern region artists as supporting artists may affect the audience.

“Mzuzu is a small city. Unlike Lilongwe and Blantyre the massive turn-up for shows in Mzuzu depends highly on the performing artist. For example, you will always find Maria-Nundwe-shows loaded with fans mainly because she has a huge fan base in Mzuzu. With the omission of Mzuzu-based artists, I think the numbers will be low at the show.” Phiri said.

While some are not pleased with the arrangement of the show, others are contented with the idea of witnessing a live performance by a famous American gospel artist.

Janet Phiri (not real name) from Chibanja residential areas says with or without northern region artists many people will go to the show. According to Phiri, spreading and receiving the gospel is what matters, the rest is of little importance.

“I think it is no big deal for the northern region artists to be omitted. With the few selected ones, by the end of the day the gospel will be spread and received. Thats what matters.” Said Phiri.

Would you miss the Da Truth show just because some artists are conspicuously missing on the supporting artists list?  Get yourself a ticket. Tickets are available for just K1000 at Mzuzu Cofeee den, One Stop pharmacy at Mzuzu Shoprite and Word Alive Mzuzu Church in New Katoto.

Having previously performed in Malawi a few years ago, the Death of Silence rapper has a new mission this time around. The artist has not only come to perform but he will also organize workshops in the three cities with an aim is to uncover the role of music in the ministry. After Mzuzu he is set to perform in Lilongwe on Saturday 13 May 2017, then on Blantyre on Sunday May 14 2017.




By Chifundo D Zingunde

When the Malawian prominent dancehall group, Mabilinganya Empire announced they are on verge of releasing a new album, many expected the award winning super star, Jay Jay C, to feature in most of their songs. The album titled Tidalipo Tilipo, Tizakhalapo is expected to feature a number of artists but surprisingly Mabilinganya Empire has announced that Jay Jay C will not feature in any of the songs.

In an interview, one of the senior members of Mabilinganya Empire , Chisomo Kachigamba stage-named Dotolo, said Jay Jay C (real name Juma James Chitsonga) had been was busy that he could not be available for preparations.

Later on in an interview Kachigamba changed his statement saying the omission of Jay is due to the group’s rule of nor featuring a new member in an album.

“Nobody has expressed worry about Jay Jay not featuring in any of the songs. Jay knows the rules. We trust him but rules are rules he is new he can’t be in the new album.” Said Kachigamba.

He further said Mabilinganya Empire is training live band to make their Music lively and people should expect good music.
“We are training live band so as to make the launch interesting to everyone that includes youths and adults ,you should expect good Music”. Promised Kachigamba.

On his part, Jay Jay C said that he is not annoyed with his crew, since they are only trying to follow the rules.
“All in all am still in Mabilinganya Empire , and I have been representing the empire and I will keep on representing it no matter what, the empire is vast and I understand them .” Said Jay Jay C.

The Iwe maliro hit maker also promised his fans that they should expect a new song from him every month.

“Its 2017, new levels are going to be unlocked, people should expect fire this year, almost every month I will be dropping a new tune.” Said Jay Jay C.

The new Mabilinganya album, Tidalipo,Tilipo Tizakhalapo, has 11 tracks that include the hit song “Zathu izi” which was premiered on MBC’s 2 FM , last month. It will be launched anytime soon as the group since is waiting for their manager to jet in from Japan.


Mzuzu Police station is keeping in custody a man for allegedly killing his friend over 100 kwacha at Zigwagwa Market in Mzuzu City.

According to a press statement released by Mzuzu Police Station, the suspect, Garden Soko, 28 years old had a quarrel with Nelson Ndhlovu aged 28 years over money issues.

“Ndhlovu promised to give a K100 to the suspect, only to reverse the decision later. This angered Soko who grabbed the deceased on the neck and squeezed him heavily. The deceased was taken to Mzuzu Central Hospital and was pronounced dead upon arrival,” reads part of the statement.

A postmortem conducted by Mzuzu Central Hospital revealed that Soko died due to suffocation.

The matter was reported to Mzuzu Police Station and the suspect was arrested, pending for trial where he will answer the charge of murder contrary to section 209 of the penal code.

The suspect comes from Thomas Ndhlovu Village, Traditional Authority Chulu in Kasungu District and the deceased hails from Sinda Village, Traditional Authority Mtwalo in Mzimba District.




By Augustine Kambuzi Banda

The Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace (CCJP) of Mzuzu Diocese recently rescued 46 under aged girls from early marriages in Mzimba District through Women and Girls Rights and Access to Justice Project.

In an interview, CCJP Coordinator Arnold Msimuko said the project has registered great success since its inception in Mzimba.


Arnold Msimuko making presentation on the success and challenges the project face- Mzimba

“We have managed to rescue 46 girls who are below 18 from forced marriages and some have even gone back to school,” said Msimuko.

He further said that despite the success stories the project has registered; still there are some challenges such as the tendency by some parents who force the girls to go back to their husbands after being rescued.

Msimuko then appealed to parents and guardians to take part in rehabilitating the girls taken from early marriages so that they should not go back to where they got married.

The Board Chairperson of the Commission Phillip Nkunika applauded CCJP for promoting girl child education in the region.

“On behalf of the Bishop of the Diocese, I commend CCJP on their role in making sure women and girls’ rights are respected and protected in their communities,” said Nkunika.

The Catholic Commission for Peace and Justice for Mzuzu Diocese with support from Misereor Germany have been implementing the project to increase the awareness of women and girls rights.




By Augustine Kambuzi Banda

Catholic Reverend Bishop John Alphonsus Ryan of Mzuzu Diocese has appealed to all Malawians to take a leading role in conserving the environment.

Speaking at his homily at St Patrick’s Seminary in Rumphi during the Eucharistic celebration of St Patrick, the patron saint of the seminary, Bishop Ryansays people have a role to play in taking care of the environment. According to Bishop Ryan, the environment is deterioratingat an alarming rate, a thing which is causing climate change and a negative impact on humans.


Bishop John Ryan: watering a tree he planted at St Patrick’s Seminary-Rumphi (photo-Kambuzi)

“Ourworld is crying out for healing. We have destroyed the once-beautiful environment that God created and this has negatively affected us as we are experiencing erratic rainfall.” Said Ryan.

The Bishop further urged seminarians to work hard in their studies in order to be responsible citizens in the future on conserving the environment.

Since hisconsecration as Bishop ofMzuzu Diocese about a year ago, Bishop Ryan has been a flag carrier on conserving the environment. He has launched a number of tree planting exercises in different places, the latest of which was at Nkhamenya.